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Monday, March 9, 2009

Gun Engraving & The Arts and Crafts Movement

Photo was taken by the author at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is European reinforcing armor plates that have been etched. Design ideas on weapons and armor such as this were taken from battlefields in the Middle east during the Crusades as war trophies. The European design displays an example of an early style of ornamentation (early 1500's) with Islamic influence.
Adding their own culture and design ideas the French with Louis the XIII encouragement perfected scroll designs. Pattern books were printed. These designs then influenced engravers throughout Europe
William Morris lead the Arts and Crafts Movement and was a tremendous advocate of the craftsman as an artist I was first introduced to William Morris and his significance to gun engraving as I was studying the pattern of a X grade Ansley Fox shotgun. The undulating leaves of this engraving pattern are in no doubt influenced by Morris and his beautiful acanthus borders.

Compare the gun engraving on the field grade Fox gun upgraded by the author to X grade engraving pattern to one of William Morris's tapestries

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