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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Engraving at the Gunshop and Sailing in Oswego.

It is 12:37am. I started the day at 6:30am. I started work at 8:00. I took 3 hrs off from 5 to 8:00pm, also a 1/2 hour lunch. When you do what you love is it really work?
Looking back on the last entry on this blog it seems impossible that I last visited this blog in 2005.
I've been busy.
While my engraving studio is no longer in my home, I now live in Oswego NY. I rebuilt an old modular into a house and bought a small yacht for Lake Ontario, which is basicly across the Bridge Street. My wife and daughter started a small photography business in Oswego to help meet medical expenses for a family member. I'm the salesman but, most of my time is spent cutting steel at the Gunshop. Evenings are spent working on my book about Gun engraving.
It is many respects, the most extensive book about gun engraving that has yet to be written.
The issue at hand is that I keep adding to it. Thus the long wait for publication.
The blog is obviously a small part of the book and I will attempt to make it a little more presient.

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  1. nice,keep it going!!!

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