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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Promoting Yourself As An Artist

Imagine if there were simple truths in promoting yourself as an artist. Consider the following.
Be great at what you do and be visible. Be visible by becoming a leader in your field. Become a leader by speaking, writing, and teaching.
Ask yourself what skills are natural to you. Are your natural skills writing or teaching? What types of people, skill sets, and environment do you thrive in?
As an artist you must constantly think about expanding your skills, knowledge and networks.
You must have an unquieted lust for more skills and knowledge. Social networking and friendship are the driving force of a career.
The more people you know that can help you, and that you can help, solidifies your network. Social networking increases your ability to develop worthwhile networks of friends. Use facebook and all it's related networking resources to expand influence.
Social Networking on or off the internet is a way of developing trust and professional relationships. You must gather and supply resources, information and more new contacts. Listen to your friends within the network and help them in any way you can.
No excuses. Make the time to make facebook a part of your life. Watch how your friends work their pages and adapt their methods but, add your own preferences and personality.

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