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Monday, May 23, 2011

Remake Your Business Plan for your Art

Your business plan must continually be revisited and remade:
1) Different realities (personal and business) need to be addressed. Start a new plan.
2) You may have discovered a new market that you want to develop and enjoy.
3) The state or national economy or regulations may be changing and a different position is needed to legally avoid a development that is hurting your business.
4) You are not getting enough customers.
5) Your prices are too high or too low and you need to investigate what your competitors are charging.
6) You are tired of the medium you have invested a lot of effort into and you save acquired new skills.
7) Your advertising program is too expensive and you need to start advertising somewhere else.

More questions and solutions:
1) Find out who your competitors really are and copy them if possible.
2) What is your image and should you change or refine it?
3) What makes you different so that you will stand out?
4) Which competitors are better than you. Which ones are behind you in talent but still seem to be making money?
5) Make yourself competitive in some fashion. Even better phone skills when speaking with customers may be an issue and an easy fault to improve.
6) List the factors that you think that you can't control and find out how to control them.
7) List the factors that you can control.
8) Do you really have a good idea that is going to be around?
9) Who do you want to serve?
10) Are the customers you are attracting now enabling you to be successful?
11)Who should be your target market?
12) Do your existing customers fit into your target market?
13) Get jealous of your time and eliminate unnecessary duties. Family time is not unnecessary time.
14) Make good friends. Make good facebook contacts. Expand yourself through others.


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